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I am a 90’s kid. I have seen one of the most inspiring transformations of mankind, which happens mostly to be a tech-driven evolution. In my childhood, there was only one landline telephone in our locality and maybe 2–3 televisions. But within a couple of years, those things are becoming commodities. Everyone has these basics nowadays. From radio to television to smart TV, from landlines to cell phones to smartphones.

At a certain level, it was all good, indeed it was very much needed. Until we lost our control and started this creative coop system.

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What is the creative coop?

Coop [ /kuːp/ ] — (noun) a cage or pen in which poultry are kept.

It is a creatively designed virtual bottomless pit where clueless humans are kept as consumers and provided lots of engagements so that they gradually lose their intellect and act according to their assigned role.

These coops are creatively crafted by studying human emotions, behaviors, and psychologies. It works in such a subtle way that you can’t even feel that you are getting addicted to it and going inside gradually.

How does it work?

In the present time of the internet, we are the biggest consumer of data, we are flooded with loads of information 24x7. So, it is natural that we do not have the bandwidth to focus or think in the right direction. And that’s where few genius creative people are taking the advantage of these clueless consumers. Businesses are doing a lot of research and spending huge amounts of money and time to analyze consumer behaviors. They are hijacking your thought process and replacing your human intellect with “viral trends”. Where we are unaware of what we really want and easily getting caught in those creative baits. It can be a video, post, or billboard where creativity is taking control of human eyes, mind & emotions. And gradually we are becoming zombies called “followers”. We are buying unnecessary costly products and services, imitating others and at the same time promoting us for them. So, it is working both ways. As you can see we are the consumers and at the same time we are the products.

It is more like incepting a concept (it can be anything like achieving something great or fear of health, fear of losing money, etc.) into the consumer’s mind and then creating engagements so that the consumer starts to follow the funnel path and get inside the coop easily. Once they are inside, you just need to feed them with more engagements so that they get busy and never think of coming out of it.

Where is the creative coop?

It is everywhere, offline or online. Marketplace, offices, schools, hospitals literally everywhere. It is always trying to grab your attention and want to gulp you. It is very powerful and attractive and at the same time very subtle to your emotions. Usually, you can’t even understand that you are inside it or going inside. Like an addiction. People of my age or older than me may realize a bit but millennials are born inside it. Most of them can’t even think that there is a life outside.

Let’s take an example from a documentary movie called “The social dilemma”. The social media apps, these apps are designed in such a creative way that directly plays with your emotions. With AI they are continuously tracking your behavior and optimizing the user experience to get maximum engagement. Thus, you are getting busy with tons of data all the time and behaving like a puppet. Last night I was talking about Pink Floyd in front of my smartphone and the next morning it suggested all the Pink Floyd playlist to me. Why the favor? Because they want me to be engaged and act as per the suggestions. So that it is easier for them to track by behavior and manipulate them as required. The same thing is happening offline as well. Let me give you another example. When I was a child and got sick, my father usually took me to a local doctor. Who used to do some basic diagnosis and generally recommends home remedies & nursing techniques. Nowadays, if you take your children to the doctor even for a normal cough and cold they will tell you lots of medical jargon and give you 100 tests. Why? Is that really required? Do you ever ask these questions? Most of the time “NO! You haven’t”. Because the doctor or the clinic already hijacked your emotion (this time it is the fear of losing your child’s health) and created the funnel path. As a father, you don’t want to take any risks and do all the tests followed the path, and got inside the coop. But, the actual scenario is something else. The diagnostic centers have purchased 100 costly tech-driven machines and they have to pay for it? Same with the medicines, we have progressed in medical science and forgot the very basics of our well-being. We are inside the coop and popping peels and being scared every day. These businesses are creating such a fuzz to scare us with their creative marketing strategies. You can see so many billboards, commercials, and online posts like this where your emotions are targeted just for business.

Now think about your own life and you can understand that the coop is all over the place. As a human being, we are getting dumber and our phones are getting smarter. Our values are getting cheaper and lifestyle costlier. Yes, this is the coop. This is an infinite loop inside a bottomless pit where you are kept as consumers and your emotions are controlled by others to their benefit.

Inside & Outside the coop

Now the big question that arises is “Are you already inside the coop or not?” The modern socio-economy is such that more or less we all are inside it. You can’t escape it until you can become a monk and know how to survive in the Himalayas or in a forest. The whole system is working in this concept of the creative coop. There are two parallel worlds inside & outside the coop.

Inside there are labeled consumers, who are unaware of what’s going on outside and they are highly engaged in their funnel path. They are categorized based on their emotions and behaviors. They are the masses used for business or political campaigns. They are headless human beings who have no connection to the real world. They are so comfortable inside, that they don’t even want to participate in real thinking, taking responsibilities, or bringing any changes to this coop system.

Outside there are few creative geniuses carefully analyzing and designing the engagement models for these coops. The coop creators. Managing and sharing their consumer's data with each other and making tons of profit. Investing in more coops and gradually controlling the actual world.

In short, inside we are busy maintaining our fake personas, where outside the fascists are taking control of the real world.

The future

The creative coop is not created overnight. It has taken a good amount of time and effort to be in this shape. It is like a landline that evolves itself into a smart device that is now controlling the most sophisticated creation of nature. The work is still in progress and thus the future is also pretty scary. This is the era of automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning tech tools. These machines are occupying our planet and now started threatening us. Grabbing our jobs, destroying our social life, snatching our humanity, promoting biased opinions. All these businesses are getting ruthless in terms of engaging consumers. Leaders are promoting false agendas & fake news. Entertainments are getting cheaper every day. Children are getting addicted to headless games & toys and not able to focus on the real aspect of life. In short, humans are losing their real assets, intellect, imagination, humanity, natural wellbeing, and of course the power of concentration.


It is not at all realistic to think that we can stop all these just like that. There are many layers to it. Also, directly or indirectly it is a part of our present socio-economy. We can’t escape it or we shouldn’t escape it. But of course, some changes are required. Changes that can stop the exploitation of humanity.

To do that we have to become aware. We have to understand what values we really have inside these coops. If you have created your comfort zone inside these walls you are in great danger. The basic nature of human emotions is to be free. Now, if you are not satisfying the very basic nature of your own being you are developing long-term harm to yourself. You are actually losing your real identity and living a fake life inside that coop. Which will create more dissatisfaction, depression, anxiety within yourself and make you more vulnerable. You will lose control over your mind and emotions and go deeper & deeper inside that bottomless pit.

So, be aware of your real needs, be specific to what you want from your life. Behold your emotions and mind space. Do not live like a zombie and follow the trends. Save your own identity, save your humanity. Stop what you are doing right now and think. Try to get out of that fake persona of a consumer and act as a responsible one.

This simple awareness in the thinking process can change the way you behave as a consumer. Then it will be easier for you to get inside the loop and get out of it as required. If you can take it to a further level then you can become a savior and free others from these coops. We can think of a better world where consumers are not inside and coop creators are not manipulating their emotions. Rather, it’s an open-source world where consumers are responsible and taking control of their own behaviors and choices.




Techno creative professional 🖱Mobilographer 🤳 Artist 🖌 A father who didn’t grow up 🦸‍♂ Nature lover 🌿 spiritual seeker 🌼 with a good sense of humor 😁

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Techno creative professional 🖱Mobilographer 🤳 Artist 🖌 A father who didn’t grow up 🦸‍♂ Nature lover 🌿 spiritual seeker 🌼 with a good sense of humor 😁

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